Interior Concrete Flooring

Interior Stained and Polished Concrete in Kitchen Floor

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We make your floors beautiful with solid surface concrete services. We take your tired old concrete and we can polish and stain it to look interesting and attractive.  Today, solid surface concrete floors that are finished with stain and polished are quickly becoming the floor of choice.

Our processes can give you the look you desire for your rooms.  Custom treated and colored concrete that shines like marble can make a very tasteful statement.  It’s also much easier to clean and care for than most other surfaces.

For many years, decorative concrete contractors have been using acid-based chemical stains to achieve rich, earth-toned colors.

Interior Concrete Floor Sealing in a Ventura County Residence

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Today, we are no longer limited to earthy shades. New products on the market—such as water and solvent-based concrete dyes are greatly expanding the artist’s palette with colors ranging from soft pastels to dark intense colors giving your home a new modern look. In some cases, these new products are easier and safer to apply making it eco friendly.

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