Why Choose Us?

First, thanks for checking into using my company for your concrete needs, my staff and I sincerely appreciate it.  On this page, I will show you the reasons why our customers love us  and how we are different from other concrete repair and restoration competitors.  Please call or email with any questions you may have.



Here are a few reasons to give us a try

Bobby Brewster, President

Professional and High Quality Work for Your Concrete

We are very meticulous about our work.  As the president, I push myself and each employee to give you the very best work possible.  We are fanatics about keeping things as clean as possible and cleaning up after ourselves so you only see the excellent work we leave behind.

We are Ventura County’s premiere concrete services company!  We are a state licensed and insured contractor with over 15 years of experience providing concrete polishing, staining and epoxy coatings.

Licensed and Insured Concrete Services Contractor

Anytime you bring a worker into your home it is important that they are licensed and insured.  For one, your homeowner’s policy is liable for that employee unless they carry their insurance as we do.  Secondly, to become licensed, we must pass stringent testing that ensures we know our field of work expertly.

The bottom line for you is a licensed contractor that performs concrete services gives you a better quality job and greater peace of mind.

We Offer Quality

While we are not the cheap guys out there , we are usually the best value providing concrete restoration and beautification services  Here’s why.  When we use the right materials and products to perform your services, with the right equipment and properly trained people, the result is better  — THE FIRST TIME!

Some products that other non-contractors use are bad for your home and the environment, and also for the longevity of the process.  In other words, the wrong product or the wrong installation means you need to do the work over way too soon.

Our materials, equipment and workers mean you get a better quality result that lasts longer, performs better and is more durable.

More Artistic and More Beautiful Solutions for Your Concrete

I am all about solutions.  I want to transform your concrete into a work of beauty that you can be proud of and show off to anyone that comes into your home or business.  Over the years, we have grown in our ability to produce excellent results for our customers.

Committed to Making Our Work Easier On YOU

Whether your are needing concrete beautification in your home or business, we minimize the impact on you as much as possible.  When working in your home, we know this is your HOME, and not our workplace.  We respect your living area and your family and friends.

If you need us to work in your business to transform your concrete, we can accommodate with convenient hours and days.   Just ask, and we will do all we can to accommodate to your schedule.