What is garage flooring?

High-Performance Seamless Flooring

Do you have a dusty garage floor that is coming towards the end of its life? The garage in our homes is the most utilized space, yet the most neglected one. Nowadays the garage is not just a space for our cars, but also the home workshop, mancave, gym, home office, storage and many more.

If your garage floor is not sealed, daily life activities can place a lot of stain on the floor, that can result in damage. Oil spills, tire marking, cracks and chips from the outside elements, dragging and dropping of heavy equipment are among some of the things that can turn your garage floor into an expansion of cracks, stains, dust and tired looking floor.

Concrete Illusions specializes in residential garage flooring. Our high-performance coatings can not only turn your garage to the most enjoyable room in your home, but also protect the underlaying concrete slab from damage, stains, water, cracking, holes.
Our garage epoxy floors are extremely easy to clean and maintain and come in a range of decorative finishes to match your interior design.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Ventura

Garage Flooring Benefits


Epoxy cures to a hard and thick finish, that is bonded to the floor. Epoxy flooring can easily withstand the wear and tear produced by daily activities, resist to moisture, dust, dirt, and grime, as well as tire marking, and chemicals, without looking its appearance.

UV Stable & Moisture Resistant

The topcoats we use are 100% UV stable, protecting your floor from discoloration from direct sunlight. Our basecoats, provides moisture resistance and form a waterproof barrier preventing your new floor from lifting and peeling off.

Seals And Protects The Concrete

Concrete on its own is strong but porous and prone to cracking and staining. As epoxy coatings are much stronger and flexible, when applied on top of the concrete slab, they act as a bandage protecting it from damage and stains.

easy to clean

Epoxy garage flooring is extremely easy to clean and maintain, requiring only a damp mop and some mild non-soapy detergent. Regular cleaning schedule will ensure that your garage floors stay brand new looking for much longer.

Added anti-slip

An optional anti-slip agent can be added to the final epoxy coat to prevent slip and fall incidents. If you choose epoxy flake flooring, the flakes in the floor provide a slight texture that can act as a grip.


Epoxy garage flooring comes in a variety of colors and finishes. Choose from solid color, epoxy flake finish or metallic epoxy, to match your interior design.

Our garage floor process

Every little detail matters when we install garage floors

Floor preparation is the most important part of the longevity and durability of your new garage floor.
This is why at Concrete Illusions we spend a good amount of time mechanically grinding your concrete floor and addressing every small detail on it.

We start by mechanically grinding your floor to remove any old paint, stains, dirt and grime and open the concrete pores for the epoxy to be able to bond with the concrete.

Once your concrete floor is back to looking like brand new, we move on to repairing any cracks and holes in it. We address any imperfection on the floor. This step is crucial to the structural integrity of your new epoxy floor.

Once we are happy with the look of your concrete slab, we move onto applying a coat of primer for flake floor finish or the first coat of epoxy for solid color finish. Once the primer or the first coat is cured, we apply the epoxy basecoat and broadcast the vinyl flakes on the floor for flake floor finish or the second epoxy coat for solid color finish.
When the basecoat is fully cured, we scrape off the excess flakes and apply a coat of a UV stable topcoat.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Ventura

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